In an industry that demands the highest level of trust and integrity we aim to lead by example through our principles which are the guiding philosophy to how we do and what we do:

  • Professional & Long Lasting: We strive for a long-term business association based on professional and mutually rewarding partnership. We ensure that our offering is world class and most competitive on price.

  • Independent & Objective: With 25 years of industry experience we put in our best, to create the most impartial, target oriented & bespoke proposal.

  • Employee Centric: Phantom has always worked on family like ethos and that’s the reason why our core team continues to be the same ever since we started the journey.

  • Creativity & Imagination: Each assignment is taken up as fresh challenge, wherein we strive to deliver better than before, putting in our best creativity & imagination while ensuring maximum value proposition in our service.

Bringing Together a Combined Security


By understanding the individual needs of both our clients and our staff, our mission at Phantom SG Ltd is to create the most suited package addressing the needs of both parties

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Phantom SG Ltd is dedicated to providing high quality services, which have been adapted to meet the individual requirements of the client, whilst remaining competitive on price.

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Our quality policy is to achieve at least 95% client satisfaction on each survey and build ourselves as a large and competitive service provider, without losing the personal touch.

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I started working in the security industry 6 years go, working on a variety of events, festivals and other contracts. Within this time I feel that I have gained a good knowledge of the industry and what is required to succeed as a team.
The staff that work for the company are amazing and feel more like family than work colleagues. I am looking forward to the future with Phantom SG and our team

Steve Golding

I am the events manager and I run lots of the events and plan the manpower, ROTA, Deployment etc. with the office team.
With my creative nature I have been able to think out of the box and deliver successful events, year after year with my ability to think creatively and keeping the end goal in mind.

Mark Andrews

Since joining the team 6 months ago as Office Manager I've had the pleasure of working alongside some incredible people. I have a strong desire to succeed and am highly motivated to further the interests of our business.
With my previous experience within the events industry, I ve delivered excellent customer services which is needed not only behind the scene,but also out in the field. In my current profile,I am responsible for the day-to-day running of
the office administration, ROTA Planning, Deployment Management, compliance & Documentation Management.

Leanne Clark

My current role at Phantom Support Group is Recruitment Manager. This entails Interviewing prospective employees ensuring their SIA License, DBS, Training Courses, Documentation etc.
I've stayed with Phantom SG for as long as I have, because out of all jobs I've had,this is the one where I feel most comfortable at; the family ethos that's flows around the company means I get to enjoy my work as well as learn new things every time I go out to work.

Kile Thomson

My current role at Phantom Support Group is Field Supervisor this means on work site's, I am the man who has the responsibility on shoulders for trouble free and complete security of the site.
I have been with Phantom SG for as long as I have, because we are more like a family then a company as we treat our staff as how we would like to be treated.
Once back, we go on great staff party's, we all have fun at work, it is just a great atmosphere at Phantom Support Group.

Josh Allon